Multiple Projects Building on Each Other

Foran holds nine properties encompassing over 160,000 hectares within the Hanson Lake District of eastern Saskatchewan, Canada along the deposit rich Flin Flon Greenstone Belt. Our current projects include the development of the McIlvenna Bay deposit, evaluation of the Bigstone deposit, and near mine exploration of several promising targets.

Hanson Lake District

Long term potential to have one process facility service several deposits.

Saskatchewan is one of the world’s top mining jurisdictions. Our projects benefit from proximity to road and rail infrastructure, access to low-cost hydroelectric power, partnerships with local communities, and a favourable regulatory environment.

Foran properties map legend
Foran properties map

Active Projects

McIlvenna Bay Project

Zero Carbon Copper

Targeting the development of a significant and scalable operation with the intention to achieve carbon neutral initiatives.

Bigstone Project

A highly perspective copper-zinc deposit which lies just west of the McIlvenna Bay Project.

Near Mine Exploration

Seeking out new deposits that can be developed and processed at our central processing facility.