A Great Place to Do Business and Invest

Foran’s properties are located in eastern Saskatchewan. The province is a mining leader both in Canada and globally with over 25 operating mines producing quality potash, uranium, gold and coal.

Saskatchewan lays claim to the world’s largest high-grade reserves of both potash and uranium. The province contains almost half the world’s potash reserves and approximately 10% of the world’s known recoverable uranium reserves.

In the Fraser Institute’s recent Annual Survey of Mining, Saskatchewan was ranked the top jurisdiction for mining investment attractiveness in Canada and the third globally. Factors in the province’s high ranking include:

Politically and economically stable.
Favourable taxation aimed at incentivizing development.
Straight-forward permitting process.
Quality transportation infrastructure is already in place.
Support for innovation and sustainable mining approaches.

Copper Production Growth – Geopolitical Risk

Fraser Institute ranks global government public policy factors that encourage/discourage mining investment. When looking at late-stage copper development projects, the majority are in higher-risk jurisdictions.

Saskatchewan ranks #3 globally on Fraser Institute’s 2020 list.

Fraser Institute ranking relative to future copper ranking
Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence, Fraser Institute
  1. Future copper production is based on S&P Global Market Intelligence’s classification of late-stage copper projects in the “probable” and “possible” categories. Chart is based on a consolidated 4.4Mt of incremental annual copper production.

Foran looks forward to adding its world class McIlvenna Bay copper project to the long list of mining successes in Saskatchewan. For more information on why the province is a great place to do business and invest visit Thinksask.ca/invest/mining