VHMS Deposits with Amazing Potential

Our properties are located in the Hanson Lake District of Saskatchewan, adjacent to the Flin Flon and Snow Lake VHMS districts. Our development at McIlvenna Bay has already been assessed as the second largest deposit ever found in the region. It is only one of Foran’s deposits in the area.

What are VHMS Deposits?

VHMS stands for Volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit. These deposits are found worldwide, and often form in clusters, following the tectonic plate boundaries in areas of ancient underwater volcanic activity.

They are rich in base metals such as copper, zinc, lead and other minerals. They can also produce precious metals such as gold and silver.

VHMS Deposits Offer Enormous Value

VHMS deposits have the potential for long term production due to the formation of clusters of deposits or ore lenses in close proximity, and the polymetallic nature of the ore.

Typically, several deposits feed a central processing facility, creating economies of scale. By-product credits generated from production of different metals enhance the cash cost profile for the mining companies and thus benefit their investors.

100 Years of Doubling Deposits and Building a Long Life Mining Camp

Discovered resources in the Flin Flon Greenstone Belt have historically DOUBLED in size once in production.

Fraser Institute rankings relative to future copper production

The Upside of VMS Deposits

50+ Years

Established camps can produced for generations

Cu Zn Au Ag

Rich in base metals (copper/zinc) and precious metals (gold/silver)

VMS deposits appear in clustersSeveral deposits feed central processing facility

Low CapexLong LifeHigh IRR

Enormous PotentialOther under-valued and under-appreciated

Canada is home to many globally significant VHMS Camps with long-term production.

90+ Years

Flin Flon – Snow Lake

90+ Years


50+ Years


50+ Years

Kidd Creek

30+ Years



McIlvenna Bay