Who We Are

A net positive community partner delivering critical resources to support global decarbonization.

Is society and the planet better off because of Foran?

We want to say yes.

Being net positive as a company means leaving both the planet and peoples’ lives better off than when we first encountered them.

Doing the right thing generates value for everyone, including our shareholders.

We don’t just dig up rocks.

Net positive is the sum of our parts.


Our exploration will continue to discover new mineral resources.

Development business

Our development will convert the discoveries into decades of positive community outcomes.

Net positive business

Our net positive strategy will make our entire company net positive by investing in the solutions to our challenges.

We need to meet the needs of all people within the means of the planet.

Copper and zinc are critical metals for the transition to a low carbon future as essential elements of electrical grids, solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries.

Our job is to provide them in a way that will ultimately have a net positive impact on the climate, biodiversity, water and other ecological measures.

Solar panels

Solar Panels

5 Tonnes of copper per MW

On-shore wind turbines

On-shore Wind Turbines

4.3 Tonnes of copper per MW

Offshore wind turbines

Off-shore Wind Turbines

9.6 Tonnes of copper per MW

Lithium ion battery

Lithium-ion Battery

440 lbs of copper per MW

Redox flow battery

Redox Flow Battery

540 lbs of copper per MW

Sources: IRENA, Navigant Resources, Copper Alliance

Good things happen when we treat people right.

Our projects and properties all lie within the traditional territories of Indigenous people who have been entrusted with the knowledge and responsibility to care for the land for generations.

We will work collaboratively and be guided by their knowledge and respect for the land, their vision for the future, and by the priorities of their people.

CARE – Proactively foster a culture of care.  We care about the people we employ, the surrounding environment and communities in which we live and work.

INTEGRITY – We believe in honesty, humility, transparency, respect, and diversity of views.  We set ambitious goals and achieve them.

INNOVATION – We are opportunity focused.  Innovation is not just a word to us.  We turn challenges into opportunities.

COLLABORATION – We will collaborate with each other and our partners leveraging unique skills and perspectives to create value. We believe in working hard and having fun. 

The task is enormous.

We understand the enormity of living up to the challenge of our ethos.

We don’t have all of the answers, but we dream big and we’re motivated.

We intend to be very, very bold.

Our ethos drives how we organize and govern ourselves, how we operate, who we partner with, how we compensate and recruit, and how we finance our projects.

Through our actions we want to inspire others.

We want our children and future generations to look back on our efforts with pride.

We will be proud to tell people we work for a mining company and proud of the future we are helping to build.

If we get this right, we will have global reach. Communities who share our values will seek us out and invite us to work with them. To keep dreaming, evolving, and constantly pushing the limits of what we can do.