Water Treatment Plant Operator 2024-037

Foran Mining Corporation (TSX:FOM), a modern mining company that wants to change what mining means to people. We are currently seeking a Water Treatment Plant Operator to join their expanding McIlvenna Bay project team. This is a full-time position with a 7/7 rotational schedule and based at the McIlvenna Bay project site. Foran is committed to building a skilled and diverse workforce as we move into our next phase of growth. Indigenous applicants are encouraged to self-declare when submitting applications and resumes. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, you must be legally able to work in Canada. McIlvenna Bay Project site is an alcohol and drug free environment with all positions worked at site considered as safety sensitive. Therefore, successful candidates who will be working at the Project Site will be required to pass a pre-employment alcohol and drug test as part of their condition of employment.
  • Location:

    McIlvenna Bay Project Site

  • Job Type:

    Full Time Permanent

  • Department:

    Site Services

  • Application Deadline:

    June 24, 2024

  • Hourly Wage:


Foran Mining has recently completed a positive feasibility study for the McIlvenna Bay project and have started advanced design, permitting and preliminary construction activities to build underground mining and milling facilities as well as the supporting infrastructure. A Water Treatment Plant Operator is responsible for the efficient operation, monitoring, and maintenance of the water treatment facilities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and the supply of clean water for various mining operations. Compensation and Benefits: We offer a competitive wage of $38.50/hr.; Health, dental, and vision benefits upon date of hire; Life and disability insurance; RRSP with company match.

Job Responsibilities

  • Operate and monitor water treatment equipment, including pumps, filters, chemical dosing systems, and control panels.
  • Ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the water treatment plant.
  • Regularly sample and test water to monitor and maintain water quality within specified parameters.
  • Adjust treatment processes as necessary to address changes in water quality.
  • Handle and dose chemicals according to established procedures for water treatment, ensuring proper mixing and application.
  • Maintain an inventory of chemicals and order supplies as needed.
  • Perform routine maintenance on water treatment equipment, troubleshoot issues, and coordinate with maintenance teams for repairs.
  • Conduct preventive maintenance to minimize downtime and extend the lifespan of equipment.
  • Maintain accurate records of water treatment processes, including water quality data, chemical usage, and equipment performance.
  • Prepare and submit regular reports to environmental and regulatory agencies as required.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations, permits, and industry standards related to water quality and treatment.
  • Implement and maintain best practices for environmental stewardship.
  • Develop and implement emergency response plans for water treatment issues, including spills, equipment failures, or other emergencies.
  • Participate in emergency drills to test response readiness.
  • Collaborate with other mine site personnel, including environmental engineers, safety officers, and mine operations teams.
  • Provide support and information to other departments as needed.
  • Check water meter, fuel levels and propane levels in various areas of the project site and fill camp water tanks.
  • Transfer fuel (main supply tanks to Exploration generator).
  • Fuel generators, walk/Inspect the sewage line (inspect for leaks and heat trace operation), restock water bottles in camp, transfer garbage to main disposal site.
  • Call for pickup when only 2 bins are left empty.
  • Shovel snow, sand, plow parking lot with skid-steer (as required).
  • Bi-Weekly Tasks: - Supply management / ordering materials - Walk/Inspect the water line from Hanson Lake - Start of rotation and as needed
  • Monthly Tasks: - Fire Extinguisher checks - Emergency lighting checks

Job Qualifications & Skills

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Valid Class 5 drivers license;
  • Water Treatment and Distribution Certifications (Small and Level 1);
  • Waste Water Treatment and Distribution Certifications (Small and Level 1);
  • 1-3 years of experience as a Water Treatment Plant Operator in a mining or industrial setting preferred;
  • Familiarity with relevant environmental regulations and industry standards;
  • Experience operating heavy equipment (Front end loader, skid-steer, etc.);
  • Excellent verbal/written communication for collaboration with various teams, time management and organizational skills;
  • Physical ability to lift, climb and perform maintenance tasks as required;
  • Possess a great team and work ethic.

Deadline for applications to be submitted is: June 24, 2024

A competitive compensation package is available for the successful candidate.